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We design and develop Enterprise Solutions like ERP, HRM and CRM systems, and also custom applications for enterprises in different industry domains. Our software designers offer one universal approach to develop and integrate any kind of enterprise software solutions. We pay much attention to offer supporting and updating services for our enterprise customers.






Business for us is communication, that’s why communication with customers and effective feedback are uppermost in our work. We apply up-to-date solutions for version control, collaborative work and document sharing. We pay a lot of effort to make the customer interaction process more clear and effective.


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What makes a great team? Talent, expertise, leadership and vision, without doubt—but what makes the SKL SOFTWARE DESIGN team stand out? That is their great wealth of experience, business acumen and dedication in building a more powerful, successful and rewarding service for our customers.

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Shinko —Product Manager

professional in function

James—Software Architect

professional in design software architecture

York—UI Designer

professional in design user interface