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Product Competitiveness

Product Safe

Product is the key in sales and market. So SKL always devote ourselves into improving product quality, offering more competitive items to our clients. As well, SKL has a variety of corresponding certificates, to ensure that our products are complied with different standards.

All of our raw materials are safe and non-toxic and harmless. We will ask our supplier provide related reports.

All the products will be tested by our co-operation Testing Company, to make sure all the products are safe.

To alleviate the global strain on natural resources we are committed to reducing the resources required to use our products.

We have set up a strict supplier screening mechanism to ensure that every product we produce is good

Product Certificates

We have established a good cooperative relationship with TUV. Our products will be sent to TUV’s laboratory and tested in a variety of professional ways. We do this kind of testing every year, we just want to make sure our products is safe and reliable.